Cannabis and Psychedelics

pink pot leaf

Written in 2013* Feed your head, feed your heart. On this planet we are blessed with healing agents. No one expected us to do it all on our own. Expand your mind and open your third eye. See that which has been hidden with help from psychoactives. They say we are sleeping and it is time to wake up, wake up to the sacred dance around us. “Remember what the door mop said, feed your head.”

Dearest readers, as I begin blogging it’s important that I let you know who I am. I’m a 27 year old woman living in beautiful Colorado. I, along with my family, run and own what is known here as a Medical Marijuana Center. You may ask “how did you get into that?” My first response would be smoking.  But upon further reflection I would say it’s because I believe wholeheartedly in the magical healing properties of cannabis.

A lot of people smoke marijuana but fewer build a life around it. It’s a risk of course.  The concept is foreign to many people across the nation. What most people seem to know is that it is illegal under federal law and that it could all end in the blink of an eye.

These circumstances both frighten and sadden me and my family. But we must push forward. To love is to take a risk, to live is to take a risk. Life would not be nearly as fulfilling if you didn’t spend part of it out on a limb.

I heard recently, in what I will call the ether, that marijuana is not a modern medicine, as if this were a bad thing and it struck me because whoever said that is correct. It’s not a modern medicine-it’s an ancient one.

Here I am fighting for a plant that’s graced the surface of the Earth for millennia. Seriously? It’s 2012 and it’s illegal for me to consume a plant? This is insane. Call me a hippie, call me an addict, call me whatever you want. It won’t change the fact that this makes no sense.

But I’m not writing to preach the same lines everyone has heard before. I’m writing because the world is suffering and it’s time for change. Cannabis is just a part of the changes that will hopefully be taking place soon.

The change is the awakening of the goddess, the mother, the deep dark feminine rising after so many years of suppression. We see her in plants, in animals, in the ocean, in the soft, rich soil. She sustains us, gives us life. Her power is fierce but the sweet, loving mother turns into Kali if pushed too far.

I’m writing because the scales must balance once again. Those in power think it will be that way forever but they are wrong. That which is true, fair, and balanced will always prevail no matter how long it takes.

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