Some thoughts on the heart…

The heart wants what it wants and in the end it usually gets what it needs too. Following my heart is really the only way I can function and navigate life. But letting your heart lead the way can feel dangerous at times. I’m like “hey where are you taking me?” But I usually go anyway, even if it seems crazy. Throughout our lives it is hard to trust. It gets harder, then it gets easier, then something bad happens and it gets harder again. It’s not just about trusting people. It’s about trusting life, having faith that you are on the right track. The heart seeks experience readily as if there is only goodness in store for us but life doesn’t only serve up goodness. Life serves up everything. You may say the heart is naive, but it only seems that way because the heart knows all life experience whether joyous or painful is worth every minute. There is goodness in the darkness.

Your heart may lead you into a black hole and you curse it thinking “I should have followed logic. I knew I couldn’t trust my heart.” But wherever it takes you is where you need to go. So our heart gets hurt pretty quickly in life as it learns goodness can actually be hard to come by. Then of course comes the building of walls. Major construction takes place around the heart until one day we realize we are separated from everything in our lives.

In protecting your heart you cut yourself off from the main source of life and vitality. And you’re a fool to think you can protect your heart from pain anyway. It is inevitable so don’t waste your time trying. Don’t waste your time building walls to protect from foreign invaders. Spend your time trying to open your heart, listen to it and let it guide you on your path cause it will surely take you where you are supposed to go and it will bring you to those souls along the way that you require for growth. It will deliver the people you have been waiting for. When you meet someone for the first time and you think “hey I know you.”

Along the way we live in fear that our heart will get neither what it truly wants nor what it actually needs. So we hopelessly neglect it all together at times. To further complicate things what our hearts want and what they need may seem to contradict each other. But the truth is that despite those confusing layers, whatever the heart wants is exactly what it needs. Even if it doesn’t make sense at the time. Wanting is the language of the heart. The heart speaks through desire, through longing, through passion, through music, through love. Listen to what your heart is telling you it wants cause there is a reason. Turn your back on it today and it will call again in the future but the ring will be louder. The heart will not be ignored. Try to trust where it’s telling you it wants to go. 

At its core the heart seeks connection and through that connection one may experience a sense of unity, harmony, gratitude, or bliss. We were born to connect, with people, with nature, with our environment, with our ideas. And it is when we feel this connection to something “other” that we feel truly alive. We all dream of that feeling when our heart sings because something has struck its chord. They say that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. We can’t be afraid to experience something because we fear losing it. If your heart is pointing to something chance are it is worth the risk for one reason or another. Experiences we have may never fit our great expectations but experience will always feed us. Especially heart driven experiences, they will feed our souls.  You’ll be closer to yourself, closer to the sun, closer to the moon and the stars. 

One of my favorite things in life are pink sunsets, they are magnetic and beautiful and remind me of my soul and its connection to this mystical planet. But they are fleeting. I could stare at a sunset for hours. I could stare at a sunset forever. But sunsets don’t last that long, they come and go quickly. Just because I only get to watch a sunset for 15 or 20 minutes doesn’t mean I would rather not have seen it at all. Seeing it, if only for just a moment, was worth all the feelings it gave me. I can’t hold onto it. Those are the best things in life. The heart has an appetite for the best things in life. It is your greatest tour guide. If you’re shutting it off you are missing out on what you came here for. 

Open your heart, feel your feelings, go get what you want, life is too short, the time is now.

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