Monthly Archives: April 2013

Eye Heart Words

I write in the hope that one day I and everyone around me will live from the heart to the third eye. If you don’t understand what I mean, let me explain. Most people spend the majority of their lives perceiving the world through the filter of their lower chakras. These chakras are bound to the physical world.

Many of us live energetically in the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. This is not such a terrible thing. Of course these chakras offer beauty because they provide balance. But these energy centers also hold a great deal of pain, struggle, and suffering. Everything from basic survival instincts, to sex, to emotions, to ego, to money and power fall under this “lower chakra umbrella”.

For most people that is it, those things I listed make up their whole life. They don’t get past these things and so they miss what follows, they miss what’s above. And no offense to those people but that is a sad way to spend your days on this earth.

Because once you get to the heart life gets easier. Life gets prettier. It’s an emerald city of sorts; a green energy center where we begin to transform.

Cannabis is friendly with the heart center. It helps open it or put better sets it spinning in the right direction. Up the throat where I speak my truth straight to my third eye where I see the world not only for what’s on the surface but many layers begin to shine through.

Between the Eye and the Heart may we live. In the end the crown will open, expanded above into the ether, to the other side, and beyond, somewhere out there is our true home. We don’t remember it now but that doesn’t mean it’s not waiting for us.

For now though we are here and we must make the most of our days on this planet. Life lived in the upper chakras is a life worth living. It’s a life that rises above pain and suffering, control and struggle. In this place unconditional love, oneness, and the interconnectedness of all things reign supreme.

I’m writing because I want to live my life in this place. I want to live my life “above”. And I can’t do it alone.

EyeHeart you and I hope you realize that we’re connected and the world is changing and together with some peace, love and understanding we will find ourselves in a better place soon. Let us begin this journey.