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Goddess Rising: The Journey of the Divine Feminine

They knew she was changing but they didn’t know why. A new light, a new fire was emerging. It gave them pause, they stopped, they stared, they wondered what happened to the shy, insecure, guarded girl they knew before. What was it they pondered? What lit that flame? Maybe some day they would understand but the truth is that the fire resides in a part of her they never understood anyway, a part of her they never tried to uncover, a part of her they didn’t really believe existed. Maybe that’s why it took her so long to let it out, to free herself because no one around her ever really encouraged her to find it, no one else around her ever really saw it, in fact they even tried to keep it form rising within her because it frightened them. 

Then there was one set of eyes, that saw it immediately, that knew all too well that this queen was born to shine. And then it really all began and she recognized her own fire, remembered her light, her purpose, her tremendous power. She was born again after looking in the mirror when her twin let her know she was not only worthy of love but worthy of magic, worthy of her all her wishes coming true. Who was it that told her she couldn’t have everything? Oh just everybody she ever met pretty much. And now she laughs that people allow themselves to be so sad and foolish thinking misery is a guarantee. They say dream big princess but they always liked to remind her in moments why she wasn’t quite good enough, why her spark wasn’t enough to change the world. 

Now standing atop a mountain that was not easy to climb she looks out upon everything with a bird’s eye view remembering her source, her pains, her shadows, but more aware than ever of her gifts and talents. And all she really wants is for everyone to feel what she has discovered in her heart. Because she knows now that what she always dreamed was true, she knows there is love in this world, in this life, true love, unconditional love, unity and interconnectedness of all things that makes it worth living. She knows everything has life, everything has purpose, everything has magic, every person, plant, animal, every object animate or inanimate, every number, color, season, all of it, it all has meaning, it all has purpose, it was all set in divine motion long ago. And now we watch it spin and flow into existence, we watch as the beautiful tapestry is woven before us. 

Surrender to the feminine, whether it is the one within or the one outside of you that wants you to give her your heart, or just to the great mother who is always watching over you, always warming you whether you acknowledge her or not. We may not realize this but the feminine holds the space for all of existence. She is the bringer of life, the keeper of love and when we give ourselves over to her completely, only then does life really begin or rather only then does the life you were meant to live really begin. Only then are you beginning to live your divine purpose. Only when you surrender to the feminine are you set forth on the path you were born to follow. 

The time has come for the queen to reign again and the reason is because that unlike the king, the queen doesn’t really want to reign, she wants to love, she wants to create, to nurture, to connect, to unify all her beautiful children. The kings of the past have wanted to divide, whether out of fear or for more power, either way division must soon die. The queens will remind us that it is only when we come together that we will not only survive in this world but thrive, create the life we want to live, one where dreams become reality, one where the sword doesn’t constantly come down on you, one where you feel safe to lay down your sword and love yourself and see the beauty in all the bounty around you. The time is now…surrender to the feminine, surrender to the flow, surrender to the divine. The goddess is rising and this journey has only just begun.