Time to be free

Another year has begun
The snowflakes drift down outside
Heavy enough to fall but light enough to float
I feel like I’m floating
Maybe I’m flying
With a destination in mind
And more so I feel like I’m fighting
And in between I’m waiting
Waiting to be free
Fighting to be free
Breathe in through your nose
Out through your mouth
But breathe just breathe
“Practice patience” is whispered in my ear
Or rather in my mind
A whisper from above, from beyond
“All in good time” they say

We want what we want
The universe is showing the way
But nothing is set in stone
Something is calling you
You know you must answer
The only way is to answer
To follow that which your heart longs for
Yet you feel stuck
Like you’re standing in deep, deep snow
You just can’t get there
You can’t get to what you want
You see the light
You sense the path
But how?
How do I free myself?
How do I get to what I want?
How do I get to the thing that makes my heart sing?

Another new year
So we must begin again
But who says this is the beginning
Did the heavens dictate that January start the year?
Or that Monday start the week?
Or was it man who made it so?
Like most things in this world
Perhaps it was both
The universe breathes ideas into us
And through our hands into reality they flow
What was water yesterday
Is concrete today

So much of the time
I worry I am wasting my life away
Tick tock goes the clock
And it never stops
Can’t it just take a break?
Just for a second? A minute?
Give us a chance to catch up
But it refuses
Father time is stubborn
So on and on we must go
So many questions
And not enough answers

Seek and you shall find
Call it magic
Call it love
Call it inspiration
The universe breathes it into you
It’s come to me more than ever lately
“But now what?” I say
“You have shown me all this magic
Sent me so many messages
And here I still sit
Stuck I still feel.”

But they promise there is motion
They promise there is movement
That work is being done
Divine planning in action
Time is passing
So energy must be moving
But it’s so slow here
Everything feels like slow motion
They made it that way for a reason
Because when it feels slow
You must learn to trust

Trust what you know in your heart
Trust the signs
Trust in the cold
Trust in the winter
Trust in the loneliness
Trust in the calendar
Trust in the rhythm
Trust in the purpose
Trust in time
Trust in infinity

Your divine role is being shown to you
Your place on the stage is becoming clear
Be brave enough to play it
Be brave enough to fly
To break the chains
To break from the cage
To spread your wings
To soar across the open water
Into the night
Into the truth
Into the heart cave
Into the beyond
Beyond this place
This place that limits you
Holds you
Keeps you

Point your arrow to the beyond
And follow it’s path
All the way to your destination
All the way home
All the way to the place
Where you can reclaim your freedom
Reclaim your happiness
Your beauty
Your power
Your strength
Once and for all.

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