Monthly Archives: December 2015

Lost in Transformation

We all have moments in our life when we feel lost. Maybe we cross a bridge and suddenly we barely recognize ourselves. You may panic a little. You may say “I don’t even know who I am anymore.” Suddenly there is a space in your heart and you feel empty.

The first reaction to this is probably fear. Followed by a strong desire and tendency to cling to what you were before you crossed that bridge. All the while, amidst the sadness in your head and your heart, you fail to realize what is really happening. You are changing. The world around you is changing constantly.

After this bridge, there will be another and another. The emptiness you feel is not sadness its openness and if you can let go of what has passed, that hole in your heart will be filled with something new. The cells that make up our physical bodies are constantly replacing themselves so in 10 years we will literally be completely different people than we are today.

As we go in and out of phases we can get confused and feel like we are losing our grip. Transforming can be unnerving and we are constantly transforming. All you can do to feel more comfortable is loosen your grip, release control and go with the flow. You must go with the mighty flow. Life is an ocean, the waves of change twist and turn us, don’t fight the tide it’s a losing battle. Fighting the flow of life is not really living in the world anyway, it’s living in your own head.

If we overcome our fear of letting go and make the decision to move with the natural progression of life we will find clarity. We will be present. And although we will still be crossing bridge after bridge we won’t feel lost anymore. In our clarity we will realize the seat inside of us that is ever present, the seat of witness, observer, and appreciator of all that life delivers.

With all the talk of change, at the end of the day what we truly seek is a continuous relationship with the center in our hearts that has been spinning since the beginning of time and will continue to do so throughout eternity. The seat of the soul, in your heart center is a better place to live than in your thoughts. Live there and you will have no problem letting go, live there and you will find clarity, and if you live there you will discover the magic of that place is that it never changes. In the seat of the soul peace is unwavering and ever present. They say home is where the heart is, I prefer to think heart is where your home is. Stay closer to home and you won’t get lost.