burning heart

I want love as it stares at me from across the room, I want love that lures me with the safety of distance and when it comes close I shrink away from fear of facing a fate of disillusionment. If I keep my eyes closed and keep dreaming I won’t have to face the fact that falling in love will be unlike what I ever expected. Love is not a dream, a rich fantasy that exists only in my imagination, love is a part of my everyday, and perhaps it is most beautiful when it is able to grow through limitation. Love is most beautiful when tainted by reality not when it glows in the ether at its beginning stages.



One thought on “Love

  1. sherry

    Hi sweetie pie!! Great job!!!
    I visited once before but didn’t comment.

    Your website is very appealing…calming. Good vibe. Keep up the great intuitions!


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