Happy Half New Year

Happy half new year. We may forget such a marker. We have trudged along for six months since winter and here we are. Changed? Probably so. But as we welcome July we begin again. We may refresh and see this as another new beginning. How will we finish the year? How will the year finish us?

Lately it feels like life is having its way with me. It turns me, twists, me tackles me, exhausts me. The explanation is two-fold I think. One, we should never really feel like life is running us and we are not in control of it. Things will happen try to help us realize that’s not how we like it. There may be warnings, hopefully a wake up call,  then you regain strength and take the wheel again.

The second reason life feels that way sometimes is because it’s supposed to. This is after all a ride and while you are meant to commandeer your car through life, there are other cars on the road and other circumstances that will affect your journey.

On a large scale, the last 6 months have been tumultuous. Never in my life have I seen such heightened energy surrounding politics, media, the judicial system and branches of government none of us previously understood. If you don’t know what I’m talking about than you should. Pay attention because these are unique times. When the tension builds like this, the winds pick up, people begin to take notice and we must believe that all of this means great change is upon us.

Can the appearance of a dark soul ultimately be the event that lights up the world? So many loving, light carrying souls stand aside quietly in repose waiting for a moment to help. Many kind souls are complacent, maybe even lazy. They don’t want to have to fight for peace they just want peace! But we are not there yet. We are still in the fight for what is right on this planet.

Americans live blessed lives. We have struggles of course like hitting a parked car and waiting 6 weeks for repairs (me). Or worse not being able to pay your bills or losing a loved one. Our hearts ache for many reasons but many of us basically have essential comforts and beyond. So much so that we may not realize that we have an unconscious suffering playing in the background. That heart ache is spurred by other people’s suffering in the US and around the world who do not have basic comforts. We are all one, all connected. So every time an innocent child dies in the middle east we feel it, every time a woman is abused or sexually assaulted we feel it, every time money is put before human lives we feel it, like ripples in the water, no one is immune. The scales of injustice affect us all.

So many people don’t realize this and even if they pondered it, they wouldn’t believe it. Truth doesn’t hide, people keep it hidden. You can watch Fox or CNN, it doesn’t matter what you “watch” what matters is what you “feel”. You have an internal guidance system, we all do! It’s your higher self, your inner voice, when was the last time you heard it? Furthermore when was the last time you actually listened to it? Your inner voice has much to say and it speaks truth.

We are a country that is almost completely cut off form our own inner guidance systems. And now we have a leader that exemplifies this very bad habit of only focusing outward. Look within, listen within, that is where you can find the truth. Stand in the light or hide in the dark. Speak your truth or speak lies. It’s a choice we make everyday.

There is a great war, it has been repeated for centuries and centuries, upon lands far and wide, east and west. Modern people are realizing that we are now in a deeply profound, historical moment. The history books are not finished being written yet. We will be in them. What side of history will you be on?

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