Lost hope yet?

Last week the President of the United States (a.k.a. Donald Trump) sat down with the “failing” New York Times, as he likes to call them. My first thought was do Trump supporters consider the New York Times to be “fake news” even when it is the voice of Trump himself which they are reporting on?

Apparently that day in the oval office Donald was alone with the 3 evil, lying reporters and one of his favorite staffers, Hope Hicks. They say she is never in jeopardy of losing her job. This lovely 28 year old, former teen model, accompanied Trump to the White House after working for him on the campaign trail and in Trump Tower before that.

Maybe you’ve never heard of Hope Hicks with all the other Trump administration headliners. She is generally hidden from the spotlight seemingly and beyond all the drama. She can usually be found close to the President and while she may defend him in person or on paper; it’s interesting that Hope is smart enough to never defend him in public, on TV or under oath. While she does hold a high position in the White House, she’s quiet about it. Maybe because she doesn’t want us to remember her pretty face alongside Donald Trump’s.

Although I enjoy the commentary, this piece is really not about Hope Hicks. This piece is about the irony that a woman named Hope sits next to the President every day while for many of us, hope is slipping away.

Every year by late July we start feeling the burdens of the year thus far. By the end of July it’s just so hot all the time; the hope that summer initially promised is fading and the autumn begins to loom. And yet we aren’t there yet, the crisp air of fall brings sighs of relief. Right now we’re in the middle, in the the thick of it and with such a heavy moon this month one might begin to feel a little hopeless.

On top of that, reaching the late days of July this year is different than any year before because in the last 6 months we have been getting used to the fact that Donald Trump is president. Let me phrase that differently, we have been getting used to what a Donald Trump presidency looks and feels like.

I think republicans feel the same, but don’t admit it readily. I think Donald Trump feels the same. He’s getting used to himself in this position of power and getting used to all that it means to sit in that office. The result for everyone is exhaustion. Unless of course you’ve been watching Fox News and have been enjoying their varied fluff pieces, Tucker Carlson’s furrowed brow and many, wonderful infomercial-like commercials. Russia what? Fake news. Sad!

For a crowd who so loudly and proudly chanted “lock her up,” they sure seem willing now to just “follow the facts” and are quick to cry out “witch hunt”. The creator of “lock her up”, Michael Flynn himself is now sweating, waiting, offering up his story for immunity. Karma anyone?  Just think, less than a year ago, “lock her up, lock her up”. A group so concerned with law enforcement must now be chanting “we love Robert Mueller.” I guess it doesn’t have the same ring to it

I have spent the last 8 months trying not to lose hope. I’ve done better than I thought. But lately I’ve grown weary and I’m doubting that justice will ever be served.

Maybe you like Donald Trump, maybe for you his rise to power doesn’t remind you of things that you came to this life to fight against. So maybe he doesn’t anger, sadden or shock you. That’s ok for you. I have a fondness for Kim Kardashian. A lot of people think she’s an egotistical, evil, power hungry, soulless person. I don’t think she’s that bad. I genuinely like her. Call me crazy. We all view things differently. But fortunately for all of us Kim isn’t running for public office. Donald Trump chose to do that. He acquired a position that is supremely powerful but it is also supposed to be a position to provide SERVICE TO OTHERS. The only person Donald Trump knows how to serve is himself.

Further he believes that all those working in the White House serve at “his pleasure” and not at the pleasure of the United States of America. Hope Hicks doesn’t serve us, she serves Donald J. Trump and that is why she is never in jeopardy of losing her job. James Comey served the FBI and law enforcement, not the President, and he got fired. He got fired for doing his job the way he was trained to do it for decades serving in law enforcement.

Sean Spicer, our dearly departed Press Secretary, stood in front of the entire press corps and millions of American citizens for 6 months spewing whatever lies his boss told him to say, defending him tirelessly. He looked like a fool, probably ruined his reputation for the rest of his career, subjected himself to mockery and hatred. That was his choice but he knew it was his only choice if he wanted to keep his job. In the end he couldn’t keep his job anyway.

I’ve said before it’s not so much about the man, it’s about what he represents. People in positions of power should be honorable, truthful, respectful, be good role models and take accountability and responsibility for their words and actions. He does none of these things.

Almost every single previous President and thousands of high-level politicians over the years have had respect for the rules. Donald Trump wants to break the rules. I’ve heard people say, “yeah that’s why I voted for him, I want him to shake things up.” I’ll say the same thing to them I say to my toddler, “not a good idea.” Change is great but blatant disregard for systems and protocols without any other plans is irresponsible. Destin doesn’t believe me when I tell him he’s going to get burned if he touches the stove. “Just let me do it,” he says. That’s what’s happening with our President and we’re all getting burned.

I haven’t lost hope yet. I still believe truth and goodness will prevail. It’s just sad to me that in 2017 we still have to fight this hard for it.

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